Charles Smith MLC is the Member for the East Metropolitan Region in the Western Australian Legislative Council. He was elected to the Fortieth Parliament in 2017.

Charles is firmly committed to:

    • Breaking the Labor-Liberal-Nationals-Greens stranglehold on political power and holding the major parties to account
    • Supporting the WA Police by securing additional resources
    • The introduction of a long-overdue workers’ compensation scheme for WA Police
    • Fighting for safer communities in the East Metro Region
    • Proposing tougher criminal legislation and sentencing
    • Giving Perth a break from big immigration population growth, allowing infrastructure, services, transport and housing to catch up
    • Supporting apprentices through payroll tax concessions for WA businesses
    • Addressing declining education standards by getting our schools back to basics, studying the 3Rs instead of political fads
    • Ensuring locals come first for jobs and housing
    • Keeping strategic WA assets in local hands
    • Reforming political donations to reduce the influence of special interests in WA politics
    • Banning foreign donations to WA political parties
    • Standing up against political correctness and safeguarding rights of freedom of speech, association and religious belief, consistent with Western values
    • Promoting our Western cultural heritage and encouraging a stronger shared sense of citizenship instead of divisive, asymmetrical multiculturalism
    • Abolishing discriminatory public sector employment quotas based on race and gender and ending race-based services
    • Better supporting our senior citizens
    • Improving access to high-quality palliative care
    • Supporting our veterans through programs to help them obtain public sector employment
    • Better using WA’s abundant natural gas resources to benefit local businesses and households
    • Ending wasteful government spending
    • Supporting a strong and enterprising small business sector in WA

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