MEDIA RELEASE: Unions support policies that work against WA workers

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith said he is baffled that WA workers’ unions contributed close to $2 million to WA Labor in the last financial year, despite the McGowan Government supporting policies that suppress wages and encourage high unemployment.
According to The Australian Electoral Commission figures released this week, unions donated $14 million to the Labor Party in last year’s Federal election, prompting Mr Smith to scrutinise union donations at a state level.

MEDIA RELEASE: WALGA extravagant function wastes more ratepayer money

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith has wished WALGA’s outgoing President Lynne Craigie a happy retirement, yet questions the decision to have her farewell at an extravagant Perth hotel at ratepayer expense.
“Ms Craigie has devoted much of her professional working life to local government and I thank her for that.
“The celebration at The Ritz Carlton Hotel is however a classic example of a quasi-government organisation blowing ratepayer money on themselves in the most outrageous way possible.

MEDIA RELEASE: Urgently cancel flights from China as Coronavirus hits Australia

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith said today that direct flights from Shanghai need to be urgently cancelled as four suspected cases and one confirmed case of the deadly Coronavirus has reached Australia.
Mr Smith’s call follows the Labor Government’s promotion of the month-long direct flight trial last week in a bid to inject tourism dollars into WA’s coffers.
Despite the virus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Mr Smith said that it is the McGowan Government’s responsibility to cancel the flight trial, as Australia becomes the 11th country to have a confirmed case across the globe.

MEDIA RELEASE: A public register and harsher penalties urgently needed to deter arsonists

East Metropolitan Region MP Charles Smith has urged the Government to adopt an arson register to name firebugs and upgrade the Bushfires Act to include murder and manslaughter as a plague of bushfires and burn across the country.

As fires rage across New South Wales, WA experienced a significant blaze sparked in Baldivis yesterday which saw a smoky haze blanket the state.