MEDIA RELEASE – Smith pushes hills’ railway restoration as state election pledge

Western Australia Party upper house MP Charles Smith this week launched a campaign to restore the Kalamunda Zig Zag Railway to revitalise the Perth hills economically and historically.

Retired engineer John Edmunds devised the restoration plan in 2018 detailing how to turn worn infrastructure into a tourism attraction showcasing Kalamunda’s steam train and working railway history at a reasonable cost.

MEDIA RELEASE: WA property developers win big from COVID-19

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith said Labor’s plan to streamline planning approvals to spur property development amidst the COVID-19 lull, aims to stifle public consultation periods making a mockery of democracy.

The McGowan Government will soon introduce new laws set to simplify the application process for projects valued over $30 million with the WA Planning Commission given power to approve developments for 18 months.

Public consultation periods would not occur under this law.