MEDIA RELEASE: Smith says support for jobless should be at China’s cost

East Metropolitan MP Charles Smith has urged the Federal government to consider forcing China to fund the thousands of jobless Australians as a result of the coronavirus via a temporary Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Mr Smith said the measure would allow people to stay home during this critical time and ease pressure off Centrelink where the virus is likely to spread as people queue to access New Start allowance.

A temporary UBI would also relieve the feeling of shame surrounding the current air of high unemployment.

MEDIA RELEASE: Use MP allowances to help the needy

Member for East Metropolitan Region Charles Smith said today that rules concerning MP electoral allowance use be relaxed to aid the needy during the coronavirus outbreak.

MP allowances currently allow for certain awards and expenditures, however Mr Smith believes the rules should now allow MPs to use their allowances for emergency relief.

“Some state governments have declared a state of emergency over Covid-19, and the Federal Government has commenced a stimulus package.

“The economic effects of the virus are not insignificant,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith noted the upsurge of the recent panic buying in grocery stores.

“Unfortunately, these notices have increased panic buying leading to unnecessary shortages of some foods and other essentials and I think that as members of Parliament, it is our duty to assist our constituents where possible.

MEDIA RELEASE: Smith’s motion says Huawei contract is a security threat

Today in Parliament Eastern Metropolitan MP Charles Smith introduced a motion highlighting security concerns the state faces by granting a $206 million telecommunications contract to Huawei for Perth’s railway network.

Mr Smith spoke about the Chinese company’s espionage history and security breaches globally that have caused several countries to ban Huawei due to spying and racketeering concerns.

MEDIA RELEASE: Smith speaks at Save Perth Hills rally to halt Stoneville development

Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith will attend a Save Perth Hills rally this weekend in Mundaring’s Sculpture Park to back residents who oppose Satterley’s plans for a high-density residential development in North Stoneville.

The 15 March rally at 9:30am, will showcase public opposition as residents state Stoneville’s infrastructure is ill-equipped to accommodate around 7,000 extra residents on average 350sqm blocks.

Residents also say the development is dangerous as there is no fire evacuation plan.

MEDIA RELEASE: Labor look to whitewash Perth’s historical railway workshops

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith met with disgruntled locals today at Midland Railway Workshop to discuss a way forward in preserving the site, stating the Labor Government is looking to whitewash Perth’s historical roots by selling off historical infrastructure.
Rob Rowe, Barry Watts, David Moir and Brad Bedford told Mr Smith that despite Labor’s Woodbridge branch passing a resolution at Labor’s state conference last year to set aside a workshop, they have stalled halting any progression into developing a Railway Heritage Centre.
Mr Smith said that Labor’s inaction signals the possibility of them selling off the workshops for private enterprise rather than celebrating Midland’s working history.