MEDIA RELEASE: A public register and harsher penalties urgently needed to deter arsonists

East Metropolitan Region MP Charles Smith has urged the Government to adopt an arson register to name firebugs and upgrade the Bushfires Act to include murder and manslaughter as a plague of bushfires and burn across the country.

As fires rage across New South Wales, WA experienced a significant blaze sparked in Baldivis yesterday which saw a smoky haze blanket the state.

MEDIA RELEASE: Local MP says Armadale council should urgently act on Jull Street improvement project

Member for the East Metro Region Charles Smith has urged the City of Armadale to act on a proposal submitted from local business owners to reconnect Jull Street to eliminate the mall’s pedestrian space, which is permitting a swathe of anti-social behaviour.
The pedestrian area is equipped with benches and seating causing loitering, which has been accompanied by a large amount of anti-social crime such as sexual assaults, damage, robberies, stabbings, beatings and tyre slashing.