MEDIA RELEASE: WA property developers win big from COVID-19

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith said Labor’s plan to streamline planning approvals to spur property development amidst the COVID-19 lull, aims to stifle public consultation periods making a mockery of democracy.

The McGowan Government will soon introduce new laws set to simplify the application process for projects valued over $30 million with the WA Planning Commission given power to approve developments for 18 months.

Public consultation periods would not occur under this law.

MEDIA RELEASE: Independent no more as Smith joins the Western Australia Party

East Metropolitan Region MP Charles Smith announced today his decision to surrender his independent status to join the Western Australia Party (WAP), standing as their representative in the state’s upper house for the remaining election term.

Mr Smith will be a key player leading the party into next year’s state election and encourages all independents to join the Western Australia Party who look to secure further crossbench seats in both the Legislative Assembly and Council.

The party’s election platform will include holding major parties to account on jobs, wages and law and order.

“The Western Australian Party is a natural home for me as they are focused on putting Western Australian citizens first.

MEDIA RELEASE: Pro CCP groups collude to cry racism halting China critique

Eastern Metropolitan MP Charles Smith referred to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan Virus” in Parliament last week, and has
since been slammed by pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) groups who say the reference was racist.
Mr Smith attributed the geographical origin of the virus during a response to a Local Government COVID-19 Bill
Amendment and was interrupted by Education Minister Sue Ellery who insisted the reference was merely Mr Smith’s

MEDIA RELEASE: Smith says support for jobless should be at China’s cost

East Metropolitan MP Charles Smith has urged the Federal government to consider forcing China to fund the thousands of jobless Australians as a result of the coronavirus via a temporary Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Mr Smith said the measure would allow people to stay home during this critical time and ease pressure off Centrelink where the virus is likely to spread as people queue to access New Start allowance.

A temporary UBI would also relieve the feeling of shame surrounding the current air of high unemployment.