MEDIA RELEASE: Government stalls on Bullsbrook scheme water connection

Member for the East Metropolitan Region Charles Smith said the State Government is stalling to connect West Bullsbrook households affected by PFAS water contamination to scheme water, with Labor shifting blame to the Federal Government in Parliament this week. Bullsbrook households have been affected by PFAs contamination from the Defence Force’s use of firefighting foam that has since been banned due to contaminants.

Economic Mismanagement Forces Citizens onto Struggle Street

Across Western Australia many people are experiencing genuine economic hardship.
Since 2014-15, the WA economy has fallen off a cliff with the end of the mining boom. As a result, WA has been left with a swathe of underemployment, record high rates of youth underutilisation and anaemic wage growth.
According to State Final Demand (domestic economic income excluding trade), the WA economy has shrunk in the past 5 out of 6 financial years or 15.4% since its peak in 2012-13.

MEDIA RELEASE: Confucius Institute dictating educational outcomes via Beijing stranglehold

Member for the East Metropolitan Region Charles Smith, probed the Education Minister Sue Ellery last night in question time about the University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Confucius Institute’s impact on WA education, stating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are dictating educational outcomes through concealed contractual agreements between the institute and WA schools.

MEDIA RELEASE: Unions support policies that work against WA workers

Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Charles Smith said he is baffled that WA workers’ unions contributed close to $2 million to WA Labor in the last financial year, despite the McGowan Government supporting policies that suppress wages and encourage high unemployment.
According to The Australian Electoral Commission figures released this week, unions donated $14 million to the Labor Party in last year’s Federal election, prompting Mr Smith to scrutinise union donations at a state level.