MEDIA RELEASE: Smith and Matheson fight to impose rezoning tax to reduce council rates

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith and party leader Julie Matheson say a 25 per cent rezoning tax applied to large development profits could reduce council rates.

The tax would be applied to land banking profits with funds collected being injected into an infrastructure and amenity fund for the public’s benefit.

If the tax is implemented there would be less pressure to raise council rates.

MEDIA RELEASE: Offshore giants pay higher royalties or employ locals

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith said Labor’s 2021 Budget could be improved with increasing mining royalties for offshore mining corporations and investing in a local manufacturing industry.
The Eastern Metropolitan representative said global mining giants should pay higher taxes for investment into state infrastructure, paying down debt and putting money aside for the people of WA via a new sovereign wealth fund.

Labor’s Amnesty for Illegal Workers

I refer to the minister calling for an amnesty on illegal workers as reported on the ABC on 2 October 2020 in an
article entitled “WA Agriculture Minister calls for national illegal worker amnesty to ease farm labour shortage”.

(1) Does the minister concede that she is rewarding criminal behaviour?
(2) Why is she prioritising illegal workers over Western Australian citizens?
(3) Does the minister concede that there is no such thing as a shortage of labour; there is only a shortage of
labour at the price or wages that firms are generally willing to pay?
(4) Does the minister concede that if farms lifted wages and provided training, the so-called shortage of fruit
pickers and other workers would vanish?