To the people of Western Australia,

My name’s Charles Smith and here you’ll find out all you need to know about my 2021 state election pledge.

As you may know already, I’m vying to represent the Eastern Metropolitan Region, again after a four-year stint in the upper house for the 2021 State election.

I’ve joined the Western Australia Party (WAP) to make my pledge to the people. I’ve seen after the past for years that major party politics is a shambolic state of affairs and if you have a look at the state of WA, it would be difficult to disagree.

Where are we now?

We live in what should be a prosperous state with a great deal of potential. But if you look at the economic data the standard of living for the people of WA has declined; costs of living have surged, property values are declining but still unaffordable to most first home buyers and our wages have declined in real terms for years leading us into a ‘per-capita’ recession.

One of the main reasons for this state going into a managed decline is the business model that WA relies on. Put simply, the political elite have developed a Ponzi model to prop up and line the coffers of the corporation, while the working and middle classes suffer the consequence.

What does this mean exactly?

It means the corporation relies on high immigration to stimulate demand in property and to provide the corporation with cheap labour from workers from lower performing economies.

When there are more people demand for property increases which increases home prices – this is why so many locals and young people haven’t been able to get a foot in the door to the property market.

Locals may also find themselves jobless, with fewer hours or maybe they’ve been made casual. Jobs that would normally be offered to them, have been granted to newly arrived migrants or international students who will work for less.

Often touted as Big Australia; a great initiative that stimulates the economy! But no, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) doesn’t increase. Sadly, total GDP is shared amongst more people.

That means you and your family get less of the pie. And the major party duopoly has allowed this crisis by developing policy in the interests of the corporation and not in your interests.

What am I going to do about it?

Thankfully I’ve teamed up with a party that seeks to put the state and its people first.

And as such, I’m campaigning to represent the people of the East Metropolitan Region in the following areas:

  • Law and order

    I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with the state of crime in WA. Youth crime, gangs, drug use, robberies and anti-social behaviour are all increasing. Simultaneously Labor have reduced police numbers on the ground. I’m working to bring back mandatory sentencing, tougher sentencing for heinous crimes and an adequately paid and staffed police force.

  • WA historical preservation

    WA has some great spots and historical monuments that can be used not only for economic reasons but also tourism and education. Two projects I’m heavily involved with is joining the fight to preserve the Midland Railway Workshops and to reinstate the Zig Zag Railway in Kalamunda.

  • Incentivise a local manufacturing industry

    Sadly, corporations prefer cheap labour so they send their manufacturing jobs to China. This means our working class have been left unemployed. I’m making it my business to pressure the government into providing corporations with incentives to keep their manufacturing base in WA.

  • Reduce international student trade

    The international student trade has led to universities dropping their academic standards to attract more business from overseas students. So, while our tertiary institutions become degree factories spewing out hard-left Marxist indoctrination, locals find themselves competing with international students in the job market. Enough.

  • Reduce the negative impact of the property lobby

    The government has allowed big property free reign to develop WA into a high-density cesspit. They passed legislation that cuts out community consultation and third party appeals for developments over $30 million. So basically, they couldn’t care less if your vista is obstructed by a large development – at least big property makes a motza. See where I’m going here? I’m also a keen advocate for Save the Perth Hills.

If you can see the injustice, if the injustice has affected you are your loved ones, then I urge you to vote for me in the March 2021 election. Voting for the major parties gets us nowhere. Both paths lead to the same destination.

So, vote 1 for the Western Australia Party – or you’ll just get more of the same.