Originally published by Tshung Chang

Labor and Liberals have willingly taken up around $2.7Million in political donations from businessman Xiangmo HUANG and his companies. He was recently denied Australian citizenship on “character” grounds.

Both major parties have started engaging in a battle of who has dirtier hands so much so that Labor took offence about a legitimate question about whether Senator Penny Wong is related to Xiangmo Huang.

You see Penelope Ying-Yen WONG 黄英賢 (born 5 November 1968) and Xiangmo HUANG 黄向墨 formerly known as Changran HUANG 黄畅然 (born 1969) not only share the same surname [黄] but their ancestors hail from the same Chinese province of Guangdong [廣東], China. In Chinese culture, it would be very rude of Xiangmo not to call Penny elder/big sister [大姐].

The similarities don’t end there. Penny Wong’s journey to Australia was via Malaysia while Xiangmo was via Hong Kong. Interestingly while Xiangmo was in Hong Kong only seven years ago his name was written in English as Hoeng Mak Wong.

Penny Wong’s father, Francis Wong, came to Australia from Malaysia as a student under the Colombo plan where Australia provided humanitarian assistance to assist students of the third world with a first-class education. Xiangmo’s wife, children and grandchildren are enjoying the benefits of Australian citizenship.

Wong and Wong also share the opinion that Australia is discriminatory and racist. Rather than be grateful for the fairness, equality and beauty of Australia, they stand ready to condemn Australia at the first opportunity.

In the opinion of many Australians, this is a cheap point scoring exercise between two sets of purchased politicians which epitomises the two party political system.

It is time for a change!

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