Prior to the 2017 election, WA Labor promised to make the Armadale, Ellenbrook and Cockburn police stations open 24 hours a day, as well as delivering a pay rise to police.

However, after winning the election by a landslide Labor backtracked on these promises. They failed to raise police salaries as promised and pushed to remove $250 million from the police budget – yet somehow they managed to deliver on these 24-hour police stations. But how did they do it, despite the cuts?

The answer is simple; while these stations are indeed open 24 hours, in practice they are open in name only. The police who are stationed there are essentially chained to their desks unable to attend calls.

What this does is overstretch a struggling police force by taking more officers off the streets and off calls to attend empty offices and do nothing.

Labor made these promises in response to public demand, yet since their election their continuous missteps in prioritising public safety has only enhanced an upward trend in crime.

WA Police crime statistics show a spike in offences from 2013/2014 from 1534 offences to 2324 in 2016/2017, with a slight dip to 2053 in 2017/2018. While one might breathe a sigh of relief to see the decrease, homicides have spiked horribly with 5 reported in the current 2018/2019 period, compared to 0 in the previous period which was an all-time high according to the viewable periods.

This alone is unacceptable.

Ellenbrook, and indeed other suburbs such as Maddington, are currently rife with youth crime and Labor seems to be doing nothing about it.

While Labor claims to be tough on crime, all they have done is put the public at risk with their policing mismanagement. They have reduced police resources, reduced boots on the ground, essentially making our communities less safe.

That being said, they have increased criminal confidence, preventable offences and public distrust in the police force.

But don’t worry too much. WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts is hard at work focusing on the real issue; hiding mobile speed cameras to raise more revenue.

This article was also published in the Echo Newspaper

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