This week I was invited to speak on an equestrian community radio program Talking Horses; while I don’t know much about horses, I stuck to talking about what I do know – juvenile crime in Perth.

Talking Horses is broadcast on 91.3 Sport FM each Wednesday at 6pm, and boasts a listener base of 60,000 people. The show, hosted by the WA Horse Council’s Dianne Bennit, has a core focus on horses as the title suggests, but also delves into other pressing local and international issues.

We talked about youth crime in Ellenbrook and the potential causes; terrible parenting, continuing generational crime in families and the lack of community projects and hobbies available to young people were addressed. We generally agreed that if young people are busy and engaged in projects or sport, there’s less inclination for them to think about committing crimes.

Perth has got some work to do to break the worrying trend of youth crime. But it’s nice to see so many people aware of the problem who are passionate about finding solutions.

In the meantime, I will continue bring up the issues of community safety in Parliament. The Labor Government’s persistent inaction on crime and policing is a key issue that needs rectifying to help make our community safer.

Listen to the Talking Horses podcast here:

Interview begins at 34:30

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