Originally published in the Armadale Examiner 13 September 2018

Labor Member for Southern River Terry Healy asserts that the State Government has delivered additional police to the local area re ‘Tackling Meth Use’ (Examiner, August 9). What he fails to mention is that this is due to officers being redistributed from response teams to stations under a recent restructure.

This is simply a case of moving officers around rather than increasing metropolitan police resources in net terms.

Image source: PerthNow.com.au

The State Government likes to spruik its new 24-hour police stations in Armadale and elsewhere. However, again this has happened not through an increase in resources but by taking existing frontline police off the streets and putting them
behind desks.

Despite community concern about crime the State Government refuses to employ the additional officers needed to improve the police-to-population

Alarmingly the situation is only set to worsen with WA Police facing more than $250 million in funding cuts over the next five years, despite a growing population.

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